• Kowshika Ravichandran

All you need to know about the Inventory Management and smart vending machines

An organization's inventory is not a new topic. However, managing inventory without incurring a loss is a major undertaking for any business. Inventory management comes to the rescue in this situation. Inventory management used to be done by keeping track of books and doing a lot of manual labour. However, in the digital age, inventory management software is available to help you manage your inventory with ease.


The stock that a corporation purchase is referred to as inventory. To generate a profit, the company buys from suppliers, stores them in its warehouse, and then distributes them to customers. For a business, the inventory management system is critical. Because it tells a company when and how much inventory it needs to buy. When profit exceeds inventory procurement, the inventory management solution is deemed a success. It considers a failed solution if inventory sales are low.


An organization's smart inventory solutions enabled it to purchase only the inventory it required. We can avoid the loss caused by purchasing unneeded stocks if we use such a method. By monitoring how much inventory demand is present in each warehouse, we can manage various warehouses inside the firm. We can ensure a healthy cash flow in our company by purchasing demand inventory. It also satisfies customers by using smart inventory solutions to supply the product quickly.


The smart inventory solutions govern the inventory from buying the product from the supplier to shipping the product to the customer. By using smart inventory solutions, we can eradicate difficulties such as

• Overflow or underflow of the inventory

• Unable to sell the available inventory

• Unable to deliver the inventory which is in demand

• Unknown details of where and how much inventory the organization owns

• Unclear inventory details indicating profitable and losing products

• Errors in handling inventories by the means of ancient methods

• Unable to know the customer trends

• Unknown placements of inventory in warehouses


The smart inventory solutions work wonderfully. It tracks

• The location of the inventory’s warehouse.

• The level of inventory in stock

• Track of records like picking, packing, shipping and billing.

Every company uses different types of smart inventory solutions according to their needs. As known, there are 12 kinds of inventory management types. some are manual inventory systems, periodic inventory systems and perpetual inventory systems.


We've all seen vending machines that offer us a product in exchange for money. Intelligent vending machines, on the other hand, are more than that. These smart vending machines have sophisticated inventory management systems built-in. These automated vending devices are used to handle bulk stocks in large warehouses. To access the data, this smart vending machine offers various identification mechanisms such as biometrics, barcode scanners, and so on.


With the help of inventory management technologies, intelligent vending machines can virtually store inventory data. It also does the back math and levels the inventory accuracy according to the current state after purchasing the goods. This decreases the large gap in inventory spending by an average of 30%. The smart vending machine is a champion because of its automated operation and availability of inventory 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Many industries, including aerospace, construction, manufacturing, machining, oil, and transportation, have already used the intelligent vending machine.


Smart vending machines powered by IoT are the wave of the future. This autonomous vending machine that makes decisions is capable of anything. This technique prevents money from being lost during inventory storage. Many people believe that these clever and intelligent vending machines are the key to the retail industry's future.

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