• Kowshika Ravichandran

Are printed books better than e-books?

There have been a lot of controversies recently about whether printed books are superior to e-books. Some argue that printed books are more environmentally friendly and last longer. Others argue that e-books are more convenient and easier to transport. Which side of the debate do you support?


Printed books are physical copies of a book that are printed on paper which originated in 868 AD. E-books, on the other hand, introduced in 1930 are digital files that are read on a computer or any electronic device. They can be downloaded and stored on a device, or they can be read online. Printed books have several advantages over e-books. They last longer and are more durable, meaning they can be shared and used multiple times. They are also economic to buy and sustain.


The printed books give us the feel and sense of touch which sets the vibe to read it. It's cost-efficient as we can share with others without the hassle of sharing our passwords. A one-time purchase lasts a lifetime and even for generations. Printed books don't make us use monitor screens, so no screen time! 

It can be easily accessible by elder people and children without any hardships. One can make their reading journey without the fear of losing internet connection or low battery mode with the help of printed books. Printed books are mainly travel and vacation friendly. It helps us get into the book's narrator land without any distraction from today's technology world.


This is where the e-book fails. It gives us the machine feel where we didn't feel anything towards the text. Most of the ebooks are now subscription-based. This makes us think twice before investing in e-books. The line cuts off when the duration for the subscribed period ends. Where printed books last generations, ebooks last a maximum of three months! While reading ebooks, the time we spend on the screen makes us tired of reading. This makes even book lovers hate reading. 

The ebooks are accessible only to the subscriber. So, if your family needs to read the same, they have to pay which is way costlier than you think. The major disadvantage is, mostly you can read an ebook only with an internet connection. Even if you download the book and read it, the device’s battery won't last long. These profit-focused ebooks distract the readers with other services on the internet while reading which is a major bonker. 


In the age of digital reading, many people are wondering if e-books are better than printed books. After reading this blog, you should have a fair understanding of both sides of the argument and be in a better position to decide for yourself. 

While e-books offer advantages such as being able to access them anywhere and on any device, printed books still have their benefits such as being able to mark up and personalize them. Ultimately, the best way to read is the way that works best for you!

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