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Once upon a time, cat lovers were novices. People who want to own one must be well-versed in cats and kittens. They are adorable, fuzzy four-legged creatures at the top of the food chain due to their carnivorous nature. A cat's lifespan ranges from 12 to 18 years. Domestic short-haired cats are the most frequent breed. Even though the fact that there are numerous breed types, cats share a common nature.

Male vs female cat

Aside from physical differences, male and female cats have a number of distinguishing characteristics. A male cat is referred to as a tom or tomcat, whereas a spayed cat is referred to as a gib. A female cat is referred to as the queen, and a spayed cat is referred to as Molly.



Aggressive with others, but adorable with owners!

Self-sufficient, appropriate for leaving at home

Always roaming, but returning home when hungry.


A variety of vocalizations can be used to support an argument.

Devoted and loyal

​Attempt to break free from your grip, perhaps to meet his queen.

When you're sick, stay by your side!

He will not tolerate other cats in his domain!

She enjoys cuddling.

​More cheerful and social.

Playing with others is less common.

What exactly is a spay?

Spaying is a medical phrase for sterilizing your cat, which means no reproduction by neutering. The uterus and ovaries are fully removed from female cats during an ovariohysterectomy. The testicles are entirely removed from male cats. Orchidectomy is the medical word for this procedure. Around the age of 5 - 6 months, you can spay your cat.

Why is it vital to spay?

Spaying is crucial in cats because it helps to control the cat population. However, the desire for sexual desire cannot be fully eliminated. Male cats' aggressive behavior is also reduced as a result of this. This also minimizes the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases in cats. Spaying or neutering cats is therefore recommended.

Keep medications on hand!

Cats frequently quarrel, and there are tears. So, keep ointments and tonics for pain reduction and relief on hand as first aid. Use cat washes to groom your cat. Prefer soaps and shampoos instead of dry shampoos except in unexceptional situations. This also keeps ticks and fleas away from your cat. Comb your cat's fur to remove extra hair. To keep the bed and litter box clean, disinfect them on a regular basis.

Food, food, and more food!

Finally, but not least. Food is essential to the survival of all living things. Milk, fish, chicken, and other natural and healthy diet options are available for cats. Don't bombard them with all of the spices you're using. Feed them basic boiled meat. Cat biscuits, wet and dry foods, tin foods, snacks, and other artificial delights are available. In the event of artificial food, feed according to the selected age description. Wet foods should be avoided primarily for kittens because they can induce diarrhea in a large number of them. So, with these fundamentals in place, you can have a kitten and be stress-free.

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