• Kowshika Ravichandran

Frustrating expectations in Indian marriage market

Marriage is considered a sacred act in India especially, “arranged marriage”. Indian marriages don't happen only between the two but also among both families. During this act of arranging marriages, there are lots of expectations among both the parties which frustrate the bride and groom.

Horrific Horoscopes

Nothing comes in the way of horoscope matching. If the planets are not okay with your marriage, it's dropped. This is acceptable to some point until it hurts the person.

People start to talk about your horoscope and your family gets tense because of it. Doshas, planetary movements and many play vital roles in marriage and compatibility.

The compatibility stands here with 10 to 12 matches namely,

  • Varna or jathi representing ego compatibility

  • Vashya for power equation

  • Tara for star compatibility and many more.

Height differences

If the horoscope got hitched, then the next step is looking at the bride and groom height differences. The universal law that Indians abide by is, the groom needs to be heightened than the bride. Not equal or lesser.

And in the marriage market, the short girl deserves short grooms, tall girls deserve to stop growing further. And short grooms deserve to grow more. This creates a disgusting situation among young people by creating inferiority complex in them.

Fair and dark

The important thing next or equal to horoscope matching is looks. A fair guy only deserves a fair girl. The dark girl deserves only the dark guy. If this parameter changes, you are going to be the talk of the town.

A fair girl can marry a dark guy but not vice versa. Now many are breaking this stereotype. Still, people need a change in this matter.

Profession match

A girl cant work night shifts after marriage. The doctor needs to get hitched with the doctor only. The men only need to earn higher in the household. Women cant do business and definitely can't go out regarding business. All these are the views still many people in India have.

Even though the young generation wants to break these stereotypes, the elder generations are not ready to accept these changes for the sake of arranged marriages. According to them, by following these rules, there will be no ego problem between the couples.

Dowry expectations

The elite people need to get married into the elite circle. If you want to get married into better household means, the bride needs to do extraordinary dowry arrangements to be wedlock into such a relationship.

The personality of men is decided by their salary and the properties they have. The character of the woman is judged by the sovereign of gold she is going to get into the marriage theme.

Marriage is not a frustrating factor

Marriage is made in heaven and to bring heaven to home and heart. But by imposing such frustrating expectations into marriage, the concept of marriage is getting dull in the younger generation. These restrictions at first can get people married but after some time, this leads the way to divorce in most cases.











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