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Here's Why I Gave up My exhausting Work From Home Job As A Fresher.

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Working with the right people is important. Everyone loves to work with startups as we thought we can learn a lot from a startup. This will become a correct statement if you got yourself in the right hands. Mine is just the opposite!

I was just 2 weeks into my first job, and I knew it wasn't for me. Here's why I quit my work from home job as a fresher. I got my first job as a content writer during this pandemic. At first, I was glad to accept a job offer from a startup company as I thought, it will be a good place to learn more. Plus, I miscalculated that working from home is an easy thing because I was in my comfort zone. Days passed and struggles started.

Internet issue

Our internet connection will betray us when we need it the most!

This is the first hardship I faced. My work is writing. But mostly, my officials give me work via skype calls and screen sharing which requires high data speed. That's impossible in my area.

I changed my networks but nothing changed. I got blamed in my workspace for the network malfunctioning. I also got scolded by my parents at home for spending a lot on the internet which is in work terms, waste.

The highlight is, I didn't receive any kind of allowance for my internet usage for work. This frustrates me both psychologically and economically.

Multi-tasking isn't that cool

I joined as a content writer trainee in an IT startup. First, I thought, my job is to write content. But what I did is link building. Managing social media, site auditing was new to me and I struggled.

But I learned new things with a cost named, blame. People started to blame me for not knowing things that I clearly stated I don't know. And the salary package I received is way lower than anyone.

Micromanagement is the worst

Managing a fresher and teaching them is good and appreciative. But micromanaging them every hour and not giving them the space to correct their mistake and blaming them to be the fresher is the worst I faced.

Not always the newsmen view will go wrong. At least you can consider it. Once you face such a situation created by the CEO itself means, you eventually lose your dignity in that company and everyone is gonna treat you like you are worth nothing

Got my Original certification locked

At first, they asked me to send my original mark sheet for verification. They clearly stated we will send you the original back once the verification is completed. But it didn't go that way.

One month later, I asked about it and I received no response. After that, I mailed again and the HR replied we didn't say like that. We will give the certification only when you resign. This blanked my mind.

Others interfering in my work.

A company needs to have a hierarchy. Otherwise, it will disturb everyone’s work. Why I'm saying this is that when I write content for social media posters, my senior management person always interferes init. No matter how many times I change the content. His thought is that I am a trainee and he can torture me the way he can mentally.

They are not ready to accept the new point of view by me and the CEO gives importance to seniors only because of his experience. But my question is, why not a senior content writer guiding me? After that, I came to know no such one is in that startup.

Write like that competitor!

The most irritating word I heard is this” write like our competitors “. Of course, we need to analyse and improve our content based on competitors but not copy and paraphrase their content. Repeating the same words they use, ideas they create, way they present will diminish my originality and company essences. If you didn't create a space for my growth means, where can I have it? And what is the meaning of me working in your startup?

When I started my ideas, HR kept my works in Archives and started to publish his writings. If you want to do a favour for your boss and get a good name means, be the best in your work. Don't degrade others and upgrade yourself.

Irregular calls.

While joining the company stated, the work is for 8 hours. After that, they changed to 8 hours of work completely and one hour breaks so totally 9 hours. So calculate!

From morning 9 to eve 6 right?

No! My work started to get long and long that they started to give works even after 7 pm. Sometimes I work till 11 pm which is not worth the salary package. How can I work if you didn't provide enough salary, internet allowance or anything?

The only thing I got back is stress!

Final decision

Because of these things, I got out of my work-life balance. I decided to quit my job at 3 months. management said you need to serve if you resign below 1 year. But I didn't sign any such agreements. But I agreed. Because I wanted to end things smooth. I didn't get any experience certification, normal salary but anxiety. And now they are hesitating to give me my salary too! The reason stated by the CEO shocked me.

The client still didn't credited the amount. I will credit you once he credit me.

I don't know what to say.

Not everyone is the same

Just because some startups treat employees like this, many hesitate to enter into jobs offered by Startups. But there are good startup companies that treat employees in the right way too.

so, before committing to any kind of work, be cautious and do research about the job and company you going to join. Money is important but our family and health are way more important than anything.

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