• Kowshika Ravichandran


As a woman, in many places, I feel like my voice goes unnoticed. Whether it's home, office, or outside, a world hears only a limited amount of words from women no matter how talented or how much experience her words carry.

All are saying it's a modernistic world where all are equal and have a voice to share. But still, we are in a generation where men’s words carry more weight even though they do not know.

I am not blaming them, but I'm concerned that when will women have their chance to voice out their thoughts?

At home, her words are suppressed by their family. In education, she has no voice other than writing it on paper. In friendship, if she has thoughts, those were not considered seriously and converted into jokes. In the workplace, her words and knowledge were theft and presented as others' ideas. Her voice mostly remained unheard and all wanted her to do what they wanted her to do. If she raises her voice, she was so called arrogant or misleading in the women’s society itself.

Only those who want the real knowledge you have is ready to hear you out. others just ignore which makes any woman more frustrated. But at the same time, I am expected to listen to whatever the insensible thing anyone says, even though it is wrong. Until this disrespect for women's world doesn't change, it's not the modern world as everyone says.



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