• Kowshika Ravichandran

Kitchen gardening - Transforming the urban landscape

Urban landscapes are becoming crowded with concretes and vehicles today. As a human who lives on this earth, we want to take immediate measures and change this globe into its old green form. It does not need any land or farms to start. You can start it in your kitchen backyard with sunlight and enough water source.

Kitchen gardening means you can cultivate your own fruits and vegetables with bio-degradable kitchen waste within a few minutes of your spare time. The peels removed from vegetables to the water used to wash them, we can use everything to make our kitchen garden. It will make your surrounding greenery filled and your health, a good one.

By having your own kitchen garden, you can get fresh fruits and vegetables which are toxic-free in nature. This also greatly cuts the expenditure on fruits and vegetables in your household. When you cultivate your own food, it tastes better when compared to one in the market which is infused with toxins.

Vegetables like Tomato, Brinjal, Chilly, OnionBig, Onion, Bhendi, Bitter gourd and fruits like Mango, Banana, Sapota, Guava, and Papaya can be cultivated. Spices like Turmeric, Coriander, and Fenugreek can also be yielded.

You can manage your edible kitchen wastes effectively by having your own kitchen garden which aids in mental health relaxation too. Small steps toward a green world can start from urban kitchens too. By adapting to such eco-friendly cultivations, we can transfer our degrading urban landscapes into a successful livable urban landscape.

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