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Web applications are accessed by the client using an Internet connection directly from the device instead of the application we use by running the operating system.

The client can import the web application from the distant server using browsers like Google, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge etc. The idea of web application in Java language was raised in 1999.

After that Ajax was introduced by Jesse James Garrett in 2005 which was adopted by most web application developers because of its simplicity. There are many programming languages in use to develop web applications like Java, JavaScript, Python, C++, C#, PHP, Perl etc. Because of their ease of use, web applications are becoming widely attractive in today's world.

So, developing web applications according to current trends is a challenging but also an interesting one. Let's see the amazing voyage of 2021 in web application development.


Personalized content

The clients are provided with personalized content which is achieved by using machine learning. A decade before, there was no personalized content in web apps. But now it's a trendsetter move in web application development.

By implementing machine learning, the developers gather the pattern of search from the client indirectly.

For example, if we search “Silver articles buy online” on a browser like Google, there will be many results shown like silver shops with a physical address and online shops. We click on a particular shop like “XXX” and exit the site with no further steps.

Here we don't know that we provided certain data to the app developers. Using this info, the relevant shop's advertisement will be displayed across various online platforms like Facebook, Instagram etc.

Personalised content by machine learning gives the benefit of accessing the likelihood web to the client by appearing frequently and also helps to make a profit by increasing interest in the client.

But the personalized content is still under development because some may feel that it violates the privacy concern.


In the initial days of web development, we can access the web applications only through a computer, laptop and then mobile phones. But a drastic development in technology means the best application to be accessible across many machines like mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops, wearable devices, television etc.

This is where human-machine multichannel interaction is needed. This style of interaction is preferred by everyone as the user wants to access one web application on multiple channels without much changes except appearance.

Consider the Amazon Kindle. We can use any gadget with Internet access to view it. It went beyond screens that the books are available as audio and can be heard across any audio device with an Internet connection. The web application will automatically adjust its dimensions to fit the panel. Other than that everything will be constant like font styles, book cover images etc.

The main aim of this development is to provide the user with the adaptability of a web application with whatever kind of electronic devices they use.


Can you imagine that by the end of 2023, there will be 8 billion smart voice assistance in use? 2021 will be the year of voice search and smart speakers which use the Internet of Things [IoT].

By using structured data in the web application, the words of a page can be read in that structure. This made the software developer and the marketers level up their game. Optimized content and a structured keyboard can gain many end users to the web application.

For example Google Voice assistant and Alexa by Amazon. In Google Voice assistant, when we raise a query by voice it will revert the most appropriate answer by voice. If my question is “What is two plus two?” as voice input, Google will revert with the answer with voice over like “The answer is 4”.

In most Android devices Google embedded its Voice Assistant as a separate button which gains more users particularly the visually challenged people. On Apple iOS, Siri is doing the job.

On the other hand, smart devices like Alexa by Amazon can play music on voice commands by connecting it to the Internet. The smart speaker Alexa can play music of clients choice. There are also automated light systems that can be switched on and off by clapping hands.

Because of the increasing demand for voice assistance apps, there are many web applications with voice assistance under development.


PWA is not a new one in long run, but it's gaining popularity in 2021. It provides a high-quality user experience like a native application with a web application. The PWA is written with JavaScript, React, Angular, HTML and CSS.

By using the cache, it gives them access to the content even offline. This PWA will help News publishing websites, E-commerce sites and others to give full access to their services without losing customers at the application downloading phase through the website itself. For example Flipkart.

We can download the Flipkart app via the Google Play Store or App Store. On the other hand, we can also access the web application through the browser without any degrading in their services. This PWA is in the progressive stage because most end-users don't want to waste their device storage for certain applications.

Others find PWA easy to find across all devices. For the success of PWA, the software programmer needs to create a web application with the feel of using a real application.


Performance matters, at the same time outlook too in the case of the web application. Motion UI is the blooming course in web application development. This motion user interface works within the native app which simplifies the complex hierarchies and makes it easier to understand by embedding animations into the website.

The Motion UI supports creating uniqueness and directs the user towards what they want in that application. The motion UI needs to be positively looking, smooth running and create excitement in the user. The Motion UI is used in slow motion background animations, animated or dynamic charts, modular page scrolling and progress CTA buttons.

This efficacious front-end framework builds responsive web application designs. For example, Personalized budget apps. Here we use different colours for different kinds of expenses like monthly, weekly in the circular graph which will update according to the input provided by the user. Another application is Google Maps.

Using UI, we can have different views of a place like satellite, transit lines and traffic. Different icons are used to indicate nearby places, public transport, directions and all. While navigating from one place to another, Motion UI helps to track down the right path with highlighted markings.

Many more in Conquering

There are many important topics in web application development other than these top five topics like Artificial intelligence and Bots, Accelerated mobile pages, Automation testing, Serverless applications and architecture, Blockchain technology etc. One needs to update their knowledge according to the trends to maintain their place in the tech-savvy world.

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