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Things That Make You Love And Hate While Dating Online.

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Online dating and relationships are now preferred by most people who want to try something new and thrilling. To make things easier, Online dating industry are now offering lots of facilities for their app users. We used a couple of Online dating apps and most of the time we got scammed. There are kinds of people you may meet on these sites and all you get in return will be unexpected things. Here are some real time experiences.!

Straight forward ones

People sometimes get straight to point about their thoughts with you. Once I got an invite and accepted. The first thing he asked me was, why are you on this app.

I replied, “I'm looking for something serious”. The reply by him was way to straight. “Sorry, I'm looking for casual things. So bye”. I was happy that he saved my energy and time.

Not all will be this lucky. Most people tend to go with the flow which may affect the other one who got serious about such relationship. When parting happens, the serious one gets really hurted.

Toxic one

I chatted with a guy who was nice at the beginning. Everything was nice and shiny until one day his real surface showed up. Let me explain the situation. As we started to text, day by day he started to call me by nick names which was uneasy for me.

I felt it was too early for those nicknames and things. So I told him that I didn't like him calling me by those nicknames and asked to talk in a normal manner.

I don't know what was wrong with my thoughts. He totally blamed me for talking to him. He called me by those nicknames because of his thought of me being in love with him. Crazy right? I blocked him totally.

I exited such toxic relationship at early stage and saved myself. We nowadays facing the reality of toxic relationships more and more everywhere. From family to stranger, toxicity is omnipresent and we need to keep our steps carefully without slipping into one.

Using dating apps for just Hook up

Mostly I faced these types of people. They wanted to hook up and leave like one night stand. I think they don't get the app’s description properly. It's for finding a relationship.

If both parties are okay with the hookup means no problem. Whatever polishes they coat over their texts, the last thought is to say goodbye after hookup. But forcing or convincing the other person for such things is intolerable.

Good ones and things I loved

Till date, I haven't found such a reliable people on these online dating apps. But many people around the world found such serious and beautiful relationships via online dating apps.

We may pay subscriptions for such dating apps with hopes like finding someone we may like. The online dating industries also make billions out of our subscriptions. But most of the time, finding love online is as rare as hen’s teeth.


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