• Kowshika Ravichandran


Having a cat at home and feeding it is a task. If it's a kitten, then it’s a challenge. When I get my rescue kitten home, he avoids eating any food I offer because he missed his mom so much. But day by day, I made him eat the best food for his growth and health.

Every Indian household made the first move to any kitten by offering milk or fish. I did the same. I gave him, milk, fish, and curd rice which he was adamant not to even taste. Then only I understood, he doesn’t know how to eat! Yes, he is a breastfed kitten who got lost his way to his mother.

So, I googled a lot in a short period, that is how to make him eat! There comes the rescue method, syringe feeding. I didn’t use any store-bought formulas for kitten feeding. Instead, I used cow milk. I warmed the milk in low heat, ensuring it was a little above cold, and fed him via syringe. At first, he hesitated. Because he doesn’t know it's milk. But after he got the taste, he begins to drink it from the syringe.

Initially, I feed him milk for a month. After that, I slowly replaced the milk with a combination of kitten biscuits. But I didn’t cut off the milk still. I started to train him to drink milk from the bowl. I hand-grind the biscuits to powder, mixed them with milk, and then fed him. He loved it. Then I continued this paste method for a month. After, I made a schedule for him.

Milk in the morning, biscuits in the middle day, then milk at night. Kitten isn’t someone who eats like us. We have breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and all. But for a cat, you need to feed him whenever he is hungry in the correct quantity.

I tried giving I'm wet foods but he is allergic to them. He had dysentery and was very low on energy. So, I steadily started to feed him only dry foods. But, one thing saves any cat from starving. Its treats! Yes, cat treats are like snacks for cats which made them love you way more a lot. But feed it in low quantity.

Once after 3 months, I started to also feed him natural food items like fish and chicken. Make sure to boil the meat without any salt or spices in it. This ensures good health for your cat.

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